Woman Flips a Mercedes on a Test Drive – Without Leaving the Lot

Woman Flips a Mercedes on a Test Drive – Without Leaving the Lot

It’s been a bad month for Mercedes and car accidents in our are with the epic destruction of a rare Ferrari 458 Speciale being turned into a ramp by a Benz driver who mistaken confused the brake with the gas (?) at Katie’s Cars and Coffee, but it seems like the Mercedes aren’t done with their blood bath of motor vehicles just yet.

The Arlington Fire Department tweeted the photos on social media on August 19th when the ordeal took place at Mercedes-Benz Arlington.

According to WTOP, “At about 11:30 a.m., a female driver and three passengers were test-driving a Mercedes SUV in the parking lot of the Mercedes-Benz of Arlington dealership on North Glebe Road in Ballston when the woman accelerated at a high rate of speed, according to the report.” Before a landing worthy of the Olympics, the driver struck four other vehicles rolling the new Benz on its side – and final resting place. None of the would-be clients were hurt, but the dealership’s sales guy had a quick checkup for some back pain.

Would you find it ironic that this benz driver, too, mistook the brake for the gas?

Photos from Arlnow.com


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