Virginia Bill will Fine Slow Drivers in the Left Lane $250

Virginia Bill will Fine Slow Drivers in the Left Lane $250

The unwritten rule of the road “keep out of the left lane if you’re driving slow” is on its way to becoming a written rule – at least in Virginia. And that rule enforced will cost slow left-lane drivers a fine of $250 dollars and many shame points (shame points are not yet recognized by the DMV, but they should be).

The bill (titled House Bill No. 2201) is headed for the House of Delegates in Virginia co-sponsored by Northern Virginia Democrats Del. Kaye Kory and Sen. Scott Surovell. The Republican representative from Washington County tells WTOP, ““Simply put, a penalty behind it that shows that we understand the seriousness of this problem and that we’re going to be serious about actually enforcing it. [It will address] a particularly pervasive and ever-growing problem” of cars going “grossly under the speed limit in the left lane.” The side benefit of issuing fines to left lane turtles would be cutting down on road rage instigated by those caught behind the molasses-like commuters.

There are currently Virginia laws dictating that slower drivers should yield to higher speed traffic by moving over to the right lanes such as VA Code 46.2-804.

Don’t feel too left out, Marylanders. Your state already implements laws concerning sluggish left-laners. Currently, Maryland police can pull a driver over sighting left lane speeds; however, there is no monetary dollar amount assigned to the citations.

Do not be confused, though! In the state known for handing out reckless driving tickets like grandma hands out second helpings, the new bill wouldn’t allow you to exceed the speed limits on Virginia roads. It’s merely a method to get under-the-speed limit drivers out of the left lane / passing lane.


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