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Virginia Bill will Fine Slow Drivers in the Left Lane $250

The unwritten rule of the road "keep out of the left lane if you're driving slow" is on its way to becoming a written rule - at least in Virginia. And that rule enforced will cost slow left-lane drivers a fine of $250 dollars and many shame points (shame points are not yet recognized by [...]

#SquadGoals – Fairfax County Unveils DWI Enforcement Squad

Fairfax County Police aren't playing around when it comes to driving under the influence. In a post made to their Facebook Page, FFX County police unveiled a dedicated DWI enforcement squad. In the post shared on November 30th, 2016, the police wrote: Introducing Our New DWI Enforcement Squad Starting December 1, we will introduce a [...]
Do Aircraft enforce speed limits

Speed Limit NOT Enforced by Aircraft

Not surprisingly, Maryland and Virginia law enforcement have grounded their aircraft fleet responsible for tracking speeding commuters – for the time being at least. According to local law enforcement, the last time aircraft were even used was 5 years ago in Maryland – and that was to monitor aggressive driving, not speeding. “The last time they were […]

Handicap Spot Parking

Don’t Even Think About Parking Illegally, Sincerely, Fairfax County Police

According to Fairfax County’s website, “Approximately 75,000 county residents have a disability, so it is critical that these parking spaces remain available to them.” Which is why Fairfax County’s police force is asking residents to forgo parking in handicap spots even if it’s “just for a minute.” The article published on November 30th, 2016, warns […]

Virginia Posts New Signage for Reckless Warnings

“The bill, which passed 26-14, would change the law so a reckless driving charge automatically applies to all drivers clocked going faster than 85 mph on any Virginia road, instead of the existing 80 mph limit.” via WTOP in February 2016. However, the bill never made it past the General Assembly and Virginia has implemented […]

Woodbridge BonChon Weekly Meet is Shut Down Spectacularly – Sept 4th, 2016

Well, another meet meets its timely demise - this time, Woodbridge's disorganized weekly BonChon meet located at Potomac Festival, 14563 Potomac Mills Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22192. The meet has no page that keeps it organized but was usually promoted through screenshot photos with a time and date originating from a Facebook profile called "Woodbridge Meets" whose [...]