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Ferrari Tax on Montana Tax Evaders

Montana’s Passing a “Ferrari Tax” on Tax-Evading “Montanans”

The DMV's "out-of-towner" exotics sporting Montana plates at local Cars and Coffees may be better off paying taxes, titles, and tags here rather than America's mountain state of Montana. Covered by the Bozeman Daily Chronical, last week on April 12th, 2017 "the Senate Finance and Claims Committee unanimously voted to levy a new 1 percent [...]
22 May 2016
Ferrari 599 Accident Georgetown Pike

Ferrari 599 Accident Georgetown Pike – McLean VA

It’s not too often you hear about Ferrari 599 Accidents on Georgetown Pike, but that’s exactly what happened on Georgetown Pike in McLean, Virginia in the early morning hours (around 8:00AM) on Saturday, April 15th, 2016. The maroon Ferrari 599 was apparently driving in a way that allowed it to clip another vehicle and rear […]