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Woman Flips a Mercedes on a Test Drive – Without Leaving the Lot

It's been a bad month for Mercedes and car accidents in our are with the epic destruction of a rare Ferrari 458 Speciale being turned into a ramp by a Benz driver who mistaken confused the brake with the gas (?) at Katie's Cars and Coffee, but it seems like the Mercedes aren't done with [...]

Honda S2000 Crashes / Kills Owner in Great Falls – 08/06/16

It goes without saying that cars are 2 tons of rolling steal powered to go in speed excess of what the human body is capable of handling, which was the unfortunate case for a driver this morning on the way to a local car meet. Around 7:30AM on August 6th, 2016,¬†Henry H. Sterne behind the […]

Vette Hits Moped in Leaving Pasadena Car Meet – 4/19/16

Speculation regarding a Chevy Vette driven by a well-known local car owner hitting a slow-speed moped leaving the Pasadena Meet are surfacing. From the GoFundMe Page set up yesterday by Chris Szuba¬†to support the injured man… “So tonight (4/19/16) a driver of a Corvette hit an inoccent by standard on a scooter while he was […]

Ferrari 599 Accident Georgetown Pike

Ferrari 599 Accident Georgetown Pike – McLean VA

It’s not too often you hear about Ferrari 599 Accidents on Georgetown Pike, but that’s exactly what happened on Georgetown Pike in McLean, Virginia in the early morning hours (around 8:00AM) on Saturday, April 15th, 2016. The maroon Ferrari 599 was apparently driving in a way that allowed it to clip another vehicle and rear […]