Sign This Petition to Stop Paid Parking in Reston Town Center

Reston Town Center Petition

Sign This Petition to Stop Paid Parking in Reston Town Center

Well, since the last update on Reston’s plans to go pay-to-park in September, the people have gotten fed up enough to start an online petition to convince Boston Properties that forcing town center goers to pay for parking is bad for business.

Mentioned before, Boston Properties sees the pay-to-park initiative as a way to stop metro hoppers from leaving their vehicles in the town center to venture off for a day of work in the district leaving would-be paying customers without decent parking. But it’s hard not to see this as a way to pad pockets which towing offending vehicles seems like an easier alternative.

Setup by Suzanne Zurn of Reston, Virginia, the petition has garnered 5,800 supporters as of 10:30AM on Wednesday 8/17 – and we’d be lying if we didn’t say we’re adding our John Hancock’s to the petition as soon as this post publishes. In a world of pay-for-anything-involving-driving, the last thing we need is another fee to park.

The petition reads:

KEEP PARKING FREE AT RTC! That new outfit, meal or movie at Reston Town Center is about to get more expensive. Sign the petition to oppose the paid parking garage and spread the word – #RTCparkingfee After years of talking about it, Reston Town Center is slated to change to a paid parking garage system. Most likely by August, RTC garages will start using an app-based system called Park RTC, said RTC spokeswoman Marion Myers. RTC claims there are too many commuter and Dulles airport parkers who are taking up valuable parking spots, and points to the Metro opening in 2020 as the reason to convert the free garages to a pay-to-park system. But in nearby Tysons Corner where there is an adjacent Metro station with no designated Metro parking, there are no plans to charge money for parking. Tysons has handled the commuter issue by having gates to the garages that open after 9:30 unless you have a passcard (as a Mall employee, etc).  What will it cost to park and who will be affected? EVERYONE will pay to park, even retail and restaurant employees. Rates will be: Public Hourly: Maximum 24-hour charge of $24 Public monthly: A pass can be purchased for $70 a month Corporate employees:  free to up to $70 a month (depending on if there is an office subsidy) Retail owners: $70 a month Retail employees: $50 a month. Part time workers can share an account

This petition will be delivered to:

  • BP property Manager, Reston Town Center
    Boston Properties
  • Reston Town Center
    Marketing Office
  • RTC Public Relations Advisor & Spokesperson
    Marion Myers”

Suzanne’s cause which you can follow in their Facebook Page Keep Parking Free at RTC, has gotten her some attention. An an interview with BizJournals, she is quoted “It seems to go against the spirit of community under which Reston was founded by Bob Simon, may he rest in peace,” invoking the name of the late Robert E. Simon.” Later in the interview, the spokesperson for Boston Properties’ parking roll-out said paid parking was always in the plans for Reston Town Center as a revenue generator.

Not happy?

Sign the petition to keep Reston Parking-Fee-Free Here.


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    Thank you for sharing this information with your community!

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    BP is now back on the burner with revolts from RTC restaurant and retail shops. Heard will meet a Vapiano on Monday. We need to ban together with foot protest against BP to show we will not give in till the removed the paid parking system. To date I refused to parked at RTC unless I have to would park near by Best Buy or other free parking area.

    We need a new grass root ASAP for foot protest down the main street of RTC.

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      Yeah?? I was wondering how it was going. Any information you can pass along? Website article or something? We’d be happy to promote it.

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