Katie’s Cars and Coffee Curse of the Red Ferrari lives On – Ferrari 355 Hits a Deer on Georgetown Pike

Katies Cars and Coffee Ferrari Curse

Katie’s Cars and Coffee Curse of the Red Ferrari lives On – Ferrari 355 Hits a Deer on Georgetown Pike

Katie’s Cars and Coffee doesn’t like red Ferraris. At least, you’d think that judging by how many seem to end up in ditches, walls, and Mercedes rear bumpers after heading there. Last year, a red Ferrari 599 crashed into three cars on Georgetown Pike heading into Katie’s Cars and Coffee while later that season, a Mercedes backed into a red 458 Speciale parked at the show. Three years ago, red 458 leaving the famous cars and coffee jumped the barrier on 495 from the entrance ramp leading from Georgetown Pike.

And the Katie’s Cars and Coffee Ferrari curse isn’t over yet. This past Saturday (03/11/17), a red Ferrari 355 heading to the weekly car show had a one-on-one date with nature when a deer jumped into the Georgetown Pike two-lane road causing the driver and passenger to take the vehicle for an albeit short offroading adventure.

Amazingly – other than a few scratches, none of the above accidents resulted in deaths or serious injury. Props to the F-car manufacturer and American safety standards, I suppose.

Posted initially by local Cars and Coffee Church of the Holy Doughnut, Burtonsville MD, the photo taken by Daniel Jaramillo features a red Ferrari 355 with the hood hinged open and some gnarly front end damage to the red sports car.

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The Ferrari’s co-pilot was mentioned in the comment section of the Facebook post stating “Matt Welch was in the passenger seat of the F355 when it happened. The car was indeed trying to avoid a deer, ended up swerving and in that ditch. It was on its way to Katie’s.” The photo reposted by Church of the Holy Doughnut posted this caption “Some say” this Ferrari was on it’s way to Katie’s this morning when it swerved to miss a deer; all we know for sure is that extreme summer tires don’t grip well when the road temperature is below freezing. Drive safe and don’t be a “crash test dummy”…”

Whether or not you believe the deer story, it’s clear that early morning tires and tight turns don’t mix – and apparently red Ferraris and Katie’s don’t mix well either.

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    One total 355 I would think. Glad it wasn’t my 348ts.

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