Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wheels – Virginia Tire Jackers Steal Wheels Right from Driveways

Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wheels – Virginia Tire Jackers Steal Wheels Right from Driveways

It’s no joke that areas of Northern Virginia are being plagued with wheel thieves who steal wheels in broad daylight from commuter lots supposedly monitored by law enforcement (you can’t catch tire thieves yet if I leave my car without a front tag for 5 minutes, the boys in blue are on it like butter on bread). But it seems like thieve in NoVA have gotten a little more brash taking the threat of wheel thievery to another level by striking cars as they sit in the driveway.

Stolen Wheels in Virginia_Suburban stolen wheels

Ryan Morgan of Woobridge, Virginia has experienced this first hand as he was walking outside to take his Chevy Tahoe to work on Monday, August 15th. The Marine was greeted with 4 cinder blocks rather than wheels and a bill of about $3,000 to replace the wheels and fix the damage. Having your wheels literally “taken out from under you” is bad, but having that done feet from your doorway in an active neighborhood is even worse. Morgan said the vehicle was safely parked in his drive at 9:00PM the night prior and mentioned that the thieves were so efficient, they didn’t even set off the vehicles alarm. They even took the time to remove any trace of fingerprints on the vehicle.

They suspect that the thieves are professionals hitting specific vehicles in record amounts of time while leaving the vehicle’s contents untouched. Ryan’s unlocked Mercedes was parked just feet in front of the Tahoe and its contents remained untouched – not to mention the valuables left in his neighbor’s open garage.

From WTOP, Ryan is quoted saying that he wants his story out there so more people become aware the that this is happening. “Hopefully these bandits that are going through and robbing people and making people feel unsafe that they are brought to light and brought to justice eventually,” he said, which is a hard task since the bandits work under the cover of darkness while their victims are asleep.

Anyone with information about this incident or any others should contact Prince William County Crime Solvers by calling 1-866-411-8477 or texting “PWC” plus the information to 274637.




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