Effective Oct 1, 2016 – Maryland Historic Plates Get New Rules

Historic Tags face New Laws in Maryland

Effective Oct 1, 2016 – Maryland Historic Plates Get New Rules

Historic vehicle owners across the state of Maryland are receiving notice of the new Historic Motor Vehicles law that was passed last year. The notice mailed to vehicle owners that fall within the law’s changes reads:

“Dear Historic Vehicle Owner.

Effective October 1, 2016, Maryland law regarding Historic Motor Vehicles will change. The changes impact how a Historic Motor Vehicle may be operated. A Maryland registered historic vehicle may no longer be used for transportation to and from employment, school, or for commercial purposes. In addition, historic vehicles with a model year of 1986 or newer may be subject to safety equipment repair orders issued at roadside by law enforcement.

Thank you for your cooperation with this change. Should you have any questions regarding your historic registration, please contact the MVA Customer Service Center at 1-800-950-1MVA or 410-768-7000. You may also contact us via our website at www.mva.maryland.gov.

Thank you,

Vehicle Services Division”

Bill Booz posted publically the example of the letter he received with comments worrying about how this change may impact local classic cruise nights in the area.

Posted by SEMA in May of this year, the law means minor changes for historic vehicles. “Legislation that makes minimal changes to Maryland’s historic vehicle requirements was signed into law by Governor Larry Hogan. As introduced, the bill appeared to subject historic vehicles of model-year ’86 and later to undergo periodic safety inspections. However, an amended version of the new law specifically excludes historic vehicles from the requirement that they receive an inspection certificate prior to titling and registration.

The law does prohibit the use of historic vehicles for employment, transportation to employment or school and for commercial purposes. The bill also subjects historic vehicles of model-year ’86 and later to equipment repair orders. These repair orders would be issued for vehicle safety equipment that is in disrepair, and would require a subsequent inspection to determine that the repair had been effected. The new law does not change the age requirement for historic vehicles, does not require that an historic vehicle be insured by a show or antique vehicle insurance policy and does not require that the owner have a “daily driver” vehicle registered in Maryland.”

The new  laws are currently reflected on the Maryland government’s website reading:

“How do I register a vehicle as an historic vehicle?

To be registered as a historic vehicle (class L), your vehicle must be a passenger vehicle, motorcycle or truck (with a GVWR of 10,000 pounds or less): be 20 calendar years old or older and must not have been substantially altered, remodeled or remanufactured from the manufacturers original design.

A vehicle registered as historic cannot be used for general daily transportation, or primarily for the transportation of passengers or property on highways.  It can only be used in exhibitions, club activities, parades, tours, occasional transportation and similar uses.  A trailer does not qualify for historic registration.

A historic registration may also be issued to a truck with a GVWR in excess of 10,000 pounds, a tractor or a motor home as long as the vehicle is 25 calendar years old or older.  The vehicle cannot be substantially altered, remodeled or remanufactured from its original design.  Vehicles issued historic tags under these criteria cannot be used for occasional transportation, or for any commercial transportation of passengers or property on highways.  A historic vehicle in this category must be insured by a Historic Vehicle, Show Vehicle, or Antique Vehicle insurance policy.

If your historic vehicle is 60 years old or older, you may obtain a permanent, non-transferable registration for a one-time fee. Note: A historic motor vehicle 60 years old or older do not qualify for a special registration plates since they require an annual registration fee.

Note:  A Maryland Safety Inspection Certificate is not required to register this vehicle.”


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    Absolutely crazy a 1990 Honda Civic is not Historic. Seriously change the laws and think about it next time. Ppl take and get history tags and drive them everywhere to work and nothing is done it’s time the law steps up and force laws

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      According to MD Law its “technically” historic. My 93 Mustang is tagged historic. And yes I drive it wherever whenever I please. In General, Police officers do not care if you drive a historic car daily ss long as you are insured and valid. We have much more pressing issues to deal with than historic tags..Like actual crime

      – sincerely,
      MD L.E.O

      • Reply

        not much of a LEO if you aren’t enforcing the laws. That’s an integrity issue and a laziness issue.

        “Greg” the “L.E.O.” (Law Excluded Offender) can’t be an actual LEO – admitting to fraud by falsifying a government document is grounds for termination.

        Lie all you want, keyboard commando. Your short-comings will catch up to you.

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          The registration fees and inspection requirements for daily drivers are pretty ridiculous, I don’t blame people for registering daily drivers as Historic. I can register a car for daily driving in FL and its 1/5th of what it costs in Maryland

        • Reply

          So uncalled for the name calling.so what if this person or anyone works and take there hard earned money and pay for tags on their vehicles Historic or not.IT HAS NOT NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT YOU EAT AND THEY CRAP OUT…IT’S THERE BUSINESS SO MIND YOURS………

          • You should definitely take your own advice, Karen.

          • Thank You Chris.

        • Reply

          geez butthurt much? lmao

        • Reply

          THANK YOU !!!

      • I got a 1996 Honda Del Sol and is it possible to get historical tags and Drive it as a daily car. I got insurance and everything for the car.

        • Reply

          Yes it just needs to be 20 years old.

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        I just bought a 1997 Blazer. Picked it up Friday, tagged and insured Sat. Exactly one week later (yesterday) I had a State trooper make a U turn to come behind me and pull me over. Speed limit was 45 and I was doing 35. I literally just finished putting a water pump on it and was driving it to make sure all was good mechanically. I had the reciept from the part along with the core in the back seat! He told me if he saw my truck om the road 2 weeks from the day that he would give me a 1400 dollar ticket! His reasoning, “the vehicle didnt fit the criteria for historic tags” I replied, well MVA seemed to think so. What a croc of BS!
        I have 4 vehicles, all tagged legally two of which are historic. I have NEVER been pulled over in my 68 Nova which displays historic tags.
        Borderline harrassment?!!

        • Reply

          Nothing “borderline” about it.

        • Reply

          You should’ve had him give you the ticket so it would get thrown out in court

      • Reply

        Thank you LEO for understanding what is really pressing and what is a waste of time at all levels.

        • Reply

          Police are more intelligent than to worry about things like this usually. The judge Wil always correct a dumb decision made by a rookie cop. Always go to court when you are right. Don h

      • Reply

        This is by far the best random comment section ever! Like every one here is an asshole!
        I love my fellow asshole Marylanders!!!

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      Hatter, why you worried about what other people do with there car. Donald trump ass nigga

      • Reply

        Keeping it classy, I see.

        Typical MD Democrat…..

        • Reply

          Says the guy who replies as “Mike Joe’s Mom”

          • As if you’re in any position to judge

        • Reply

          What in the world does this have to do with Donald Trump! Educate much?

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        How much does the historical insurance cost a year

    • Reply

      It’s all about money! A 1990 whatever has paid registration fees, tag free, taxes, gass taxes, insurance premiums, emission fees, late fees, repair bill taxes, and so on… for the past
      27 YEAR ! ! ! When someone is will to put in the extra time and money to own a classic, historic, antique, and at the same time helping the environment because it’s carbon footprint was left over 25 years ago! What better way to help save our world than to recycle and continue running what we cherish and some see as a part of the family! People needs to STOP protectin NEW car manufacturer’s by having this bias just because you can’t have nor the ability to take care of such a difficult responseability keep your mouth shut please! Think deeper! Less fortunate need this opportunity as a stepping stone don’t shut out the less unfortunate who are willing to put in the extra work to earn their way in this country and not have stuff just giving to them!

    • Get a life if people likenyou would mind there business they wouldn’t be changing the law on historical vehicles, all the money us tax payers put out worry about our cars getting fucked up from these ragity ass roads

    • Reply

      People like you are the worst. Go get em patty permit. The law needs to worry about all the illegals driving around uninsured and without a liscense.

    • Reply

      If it’s 20 years old it’s historic yes people abuse the law but I have 10 historic cars that get driven maybe 200-900 miles a year.the historic tag helps cars that can’t pass emissions due to not being able to find parts anymore or not updated to pass

      • Reply

        Hear hear!! I have an SUV I’ve been keeping going for 18yrs been having trouble left and right with parts and mechanics not being able to fix it right. check engine light as been on since the dawn of time because I have CA parts and their emissions are super strict so something along the way went haywire and never recovered.I dont drive it anyway. Kind of a hobby car and still need to keep it registered by law so the emissions are now becoming an issue with registration continuance. Soooo I’ve waiting and paying faithfully all their fines and their tests because they have no other alternatives for cars that are parked or hobby cars. I deal with this headache for another couple years and then I use their law they were so gracious to give to leave me alone. It’s in running and safe and actually beautiful condition people. Stop being haters and stick with your expensive new car and ins payments. Dont pick on the few of us that have decided to keep an old car going. Petty of you to be upset over such a thing. The roads arw indeed worse and you just dont see cars broken down on the side of the road so chill and find a real cause to get upset about. Power to the people!!

    • Reply

      Alisha, how about you shut the fuck up and mind your business?

    • Reply

      Why step up and enforce the tag law? Who is it hurting if few poor people use historic tags to go to work insurance is expensive why don’t they catch the one who broke into my house

    • Reply

      Why does it bother you so much what other people do? Technically a 1990 Honda Civic IS historic… but the fact you’re so ANGRY about it is what’s absolutely crazy. Classic Karen behavior

  2. Reply

    I have a 1989 Jeep Wrangler with historic tags. I think the historic tags are cool. Let people drive there historic tagged vehicles and feel proud of them. If there raggedy, pull them over and issue a repair order.

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    I have 1980 Z28 Camaro pretty much fully restored and up until this law was changed I would drive it to work on nice days especially in the spring and summer once a week on Fridays. I personally didn’t see where this was breaking any laws or abusing the Historic Tag privilege in any way. Now it has to sit until a car show or some other car event. This is not good for the car and all its mechanical systems to just sit idle for weeks at a time. Why punish the group! Go after the people who abuse the privilege.

    • Reply

      You’re mistaken, the new law states you can not use the vehicle as a ‘DAILY DRIVER”. You can drive it occasionally and it doesn’t have to be in a parade, or to a repair shop, or for testing etc. etc. They just don’t want you to use it as a daily driver or primary vehicle. A couple times weekly is fine. I don’t know why you would want to drive it all the time anyway. You’re running up the mileage, and an antique or historic vehicle with high mileage isn’t worth as much as one with lower mileage.

    • Reply

      Theres always a parade somewhere…

  4. Reply

    its all about the state getting more money.

  5. Reply

    Come on guys Maryland seen you getting away with. A little money that they weren’t getting so they want to put a stop to it that’s all it is Maryland is greedy they’re going to try to get it all

  6. Reply

    Maryland gets enough of my money

  7. Reply

    Well I just got a ticket $140 for driving mine from my cousins house at night.
    I’ve had historic tags on multiple cars for over 22 years and NEVER been stopped for historic tags.
    And yes I have more than one vehicle

    • Reply

      I woulda have said I was goingor leaving a car functiion lol that still sucks tho

  8. Reply

    It stinks I have three pickups that are. two 1990 s and 1988 step side and a short bed when went tag the 88 woman at M V A told me if I were stopped it would cost me $270.00 plus tow and storage that is not right so it cost me $100.00 more plus inspection the truck is in perfect condition I feel if you have had a truck or car that long it should stand for something I would not put a vehicle on the,road oh well that’s freedom I fought for in the Navy

  9. Reply

    What exactly do they mean by “The vehicle cannot be substantially altered, remodeled or remanufactured from its original design.” I have a motorhome 39 yrs old. I took out the dining table, original frig, carpeting etc, and remodelled (new flooring). Also removed the passenger seat because I don’t haul people in it…designed for one person. Does this disqualify it for historic tags? I also repainted the outside. haven’t altered the engine.


    • Reply


      I believe a “modification” usually refers to the replacement of bulk parts with aftermarket ones, in other words, engine swaps, subwoofers, exhaust, etc.

      This is because historic vehicle societies do not want ricers and “pimped up” cars in their shows.

      Ask an auto club or even the mva.

  10. Reply

    That occasional use clause is kinda vague. Sounds like at the discretion of the price officer. And if he or she has had a bad day……….

  11. Reply

    I am getting a 89 Goldwing in perfect condition and I will get historic tags, that is what the man who I am purchasing the bike from has on it. I am planning on going to work with it and save myself some money on the higher fuel costs. I suppose it is not legal to do this but the logic they are using makes no sense at all? They need to be concerned about the people who are committing crime, real crime not this. I guess they are going to check the tag’s and registration on the packs of motorcycles​ that fly up and down the streets of Baltimore City to right? Oh no that’s right they are not allowed to catch them, and even if they did they would let them go with no fines. But all of us law abiding citizens​ are subject to these BS new laws and if pulled over fines, which we will of course pay, because we are law abiding citizens of the State of Maryland…

  12. Reply

    Honestly I believe that this law is violating our rights. As long as the vehicle is tagged and insured there should be no issue, but it is all about $ and MD has to get that $. I understand people who drive unsafe vehicles is a problem but who the hell do they think they are telling us we can not modify our own vehicles. Last time I checked I worked hard and paid good money to own a vehicle I want. My money not anyone else’s and as long as the vehicle is safe to be on the roadway there should be no issue. GET OUT OF MY WALLET MD

    • Reply

      What “rights” are being violated? I could use informed specifics for my lawsuit.. This is just what I would need to finally put maryland in its place! A lawsuit for violating my rights.

  13. Reply

    I think it is because of the ones who are putting historic tags on a beat up Cavalier. People have been using it as an end run because they know it won’t pass inspection. Also a big deal is it is exempt from emissions. I’ve seen some pretty sorry cars on the road with historic plates. I think if you don’t abuse it and put an unhistoric looking jalopy on the road the cops should be cool. But it kinda does give them a reason to stop you if they are looking for one,and that’s not cool.

  14. Reply

    I have a 1972 Dodge Dart I do not drive it on weekdays but live in Baltimore city and have it parked on the street yesterday I received a Exceeding 48 hours parking violation. So help me if you can it’s illegal for me to drive during the week but it’s illegal for me to leave it sit for more than 48 hours It is tagged historic? Should I fight the ticket or just pay. I’m new to the whole historic scene.

    • Reply

      Lizzy you want to sell your dart

  15. Reply

    I have a 1988 Mazda rx7 .I have historic tags on it cause garage I took it to couldn’t get it tuned to pass MD emissions test 12 years ago ..So I never wanted showed it off at car shows or parades ..I just want to drive it & enjoy the car I love ..Now with the law I can’t enjoy my RX7..So much for land of the free..When you can’t enjoy life anymore with out laws telling you what you can & can’t do ..

    • Reply

      Once you spend over $400 on emissions repairs you are qualified for a waiver. You just need to take the paid receipt to the VEIP after it fails – not before.

  16. Reply

    For Historic tags , do you have to go thu MD state inpection or not ?

  17. Reply

    I use my 92 Camaro for rainy or colder days because my other vehicle is a Harley-Davidson. I don’t drive everyday, but i also think MD is trying to suck money out of our pockets because they blow their money on stupid stuff. Do what New Mexico does, verify the VIN on the door and window. If it is in bad shape or someone complains about it then right a repair order.

  18. Reply

    Just wondering if I need to pass an inspection for a historic car? The Maryland inspection is quite heavy… I just want to buy a old ford econoline that I will use couple of time a year.

  19. Reply

    Is there a limit on how many miles you are allowed to put on a vehicle with Historic Tags in MD?
    I don’t see anywhere on the MVA website about this. Yes and that “occasional use…” clause is very vague. What if I’m just driving to run an Arron or to a friends house? Is that ok? or can the police ticket you for that?

  20. Reply

    The law is to vague! Do better Maryland!!

  21. Reply

    Just another way for the state to stick it in and break it off for more money..Just like emissions

  22. Reply

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    I bought an 86 El Camino. I have regular insurance but no tags yet. Do I just go to the mva and ask for historic tags or do I have to have historic insurance?

  24. Reply

    All this Big Brother BS from Democrats who run Maryland and a Republican Governor who must choose his battles with them. Hey, either a car, truck (of any weight) or motorcycle is “historic” by it’s age or it’s not. These friggin’ politicians who want to throw in all these exceptions to make the police officer a “roadside interogator” are friggin’ stupid and ridiculous. Chipping away at our freedoms one liberty at a time.

  25. Reply

    What’s the best thing to say?

  26. […] Effective Oct 1, 2016 – Maryland Historic Plates Get New. – It’s all about money! A 1990 whatever has paid registration fees, tag free, taxes, gass taxes, insurance premiums, emission fees, late fees, repair bill. […]

  27. Reply

    maryland sucks. hate this democrat controlled state and their spend and tax everything that moves plan.

    • Reply

      Hey DUMBASS republican, it was the REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR who signed the bill into law ! There are only two kinds of Republicans; multi-millionaires and Poor ignorant FOOLS. Check your bank account to see which one you are !

  28. Reply

    I have a 1996 mustang gt. Do I have to put historic tags on it. That’s the car I want to use to go to school. So it’s my daily driver

  29. Reply

    Stupid, bullshit law. I used to like living here and growing up here in MD. I also used to like Larry Hogan. Why does the state feel the need to take all the historic plated cars, which people proudly kept for years or changed the plates to historic on purpose, off the road? What happened to being
    rewarded for conserving and using your own property the way it was meant to be used? I hope they don’t claim it’s to benefit the environment, because that’s bs too.

  30. Reply

    I got a warning today, going to the paint shop for an estimate to paint my 95 f150. She told me it was illegal to use my truck daily. I told her I was going to the shop, and it was not my primary vehicle.I told her I was familiar with the law. She held me up for about 15 minutes while sh played with her computer, checking me out I guess. Most LIOs are
    Nice people, but this gal was angry when sh got out of her patrol car. She needs anger mgt..training maybe .Next time I get stopped for this B.S. I will find out if some cops really read the laws. We are going to quart..

  31. Reply

    I got a warning today, going to the paint shop for an estimate to paint my 95 f150. She told me it was illegal to use my truck daily. I told her I was going to the shop, and it was not my primary vehicle.I told her I was familiar with the law. She held me up for about 15 minutes while sh played with her computer, checking me out I guess. Most LIOs are
    Nice people, but this gal was angry when sh got out of her patrol car. She needs anger mgt..training maybe .Next time I get stopped for this B.S. I will find out if some cops really read the laws. We are going to quart..

  32. Reply

    there are a few reasons for this law, first and most is the added $$$ they can chisel out of you, and second it is to stop the abuse of historic tags where some dirtball will get a 1989 toyota corolla and put historic tags on it because it is a wreck, pumping out poison, not safe to be on the road and packed with 6 people every day to go to work. So the rest of us with “historic” vehicles have to suffer. I have a 76 harley, 89 harley, and a 82 corvette all registered historic that are for occasional use. Right now i just bought a 19ft roadtrek rv 1997 that i am thinking of getting historic tags on and the main reason is to beat the inspection where they cripple a car for anything they can to steal money for the state.

  33. Reply

    I use my C3 corvette as a daily Hahahah

  34. Reply

    Yeah what is occasional and according to who. I have a 1996 F150 a 1996 F350 and 1996 Honda accord all with regular plates but the F150 is hardly used and the Accord is getting harder to pass emissions all the time. So if I put Historic tags on the 150 and drive it twice a week is that occasional?

  35. Reply

    Like AJ mentioned back in 2017, the law is designed to stop people who buy old clunkers that would never pass MD inspection from registering the vehicle as historic just to bypass the emissions and safety inspection regulations. It wasn’t really designed to hamper true enthusiasts fun. Unfortunately that’s what it does. But there is a bright side.
    If you want to drive your older historic vehicles daily, just register them as normal vehicles. I mean do you really have to have those “Historic” plates? I have a 1964 Mustang that I plan to drive a lot and I will have to get it MD inspected in order to do so.

  36. Reply

    I just bought a 1998 dodge Durango I want to do some work to, I’m wanting to tag it historic since it wont pass inspection and it needs tags to sit on my street. I did not buy it for driving around. What is the process to get historic plates? I live in maryland

  37. Reply

    Umm, excuse me but why are we the people who created government in every form now subjects of our creation?? There is no law requiring the people to be licensed, registered or tagged unless engaged in some for pay activity over the roadways. How else can it be? We are not subjects of the state!! We the people are without any power to license, regulate, tag, register anyone so then we the people are without authority to grant any power to impose it upon any other! So why do we like sheeple go to the licencing place and get our private property tagged, registered have the title taken and replaced with a certificate of title from the state. The state never owned the vehicle and has nothing to do with the purchase of it as we desire.
    Again we the people the Creators of Government are without authority to grant any power which imposes upon anyone, their rights, privileges or immunities so why is it being imposed upon us by force, threat, oppression, intimidation, and assault, battery, kidnapping, abuse, theft of property? In complete violation of 18 USC 241 and 242
    “If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or

    If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured—

    They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both;…”

    Why is it that people in offices of public trust are without knowledge of the founding principles and restrictions of the office? Because there is no enacting law requiring periodic training and testing. We need to institute it ASAP!!

    “The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution;”

    And why do the people not know the “principles” clearly expressed by the Perpetual, Irrevocable, Express Trust known as the Unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, from which
    “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”
    Yea, how many people feel “safe” and “happy”?

    • Reply

      A-MEN Brother !
      You do NOT need a license to operate a motor vehicle in the USA for non commercial use ! READ Blacks LAW Dictionary ! “Driving” is a COMMERCIAL term used for those EMPLOYED as a driver ! The Constitution guarantees free travel as part of LIBERTY ! This has been PROVEN in courts ! YOU paid for your private vehicle and YOU paid for the roadways with your taxes. YOU OWN the government ! Are you going to let them VIOLATE your Constitutional rights ?!? What’s next? A license to walk on the sidewalks ???

    • Reply

      Hell yea brother… hit the nail right on the fucking head. RIGHT ON MAN

  38. Reply

    I have a 99 S10 pickup. Can this be tagged historic? Thanks

  39. Reply

    I would truly love to know, if/when pulled over in a vehicle with historic tags on the sole basis of the law enforcement officer witnessing the vehicle in operation, be it a weekday or weekend, for the first time and it being the first time that particular vehicle was pulled over for operation, the grounds they give for their determination of that vehicle being used as daily transportation?! I am certain a judge would love to know on what basis the law enforcement officer used as a legitimate factor in their determination. I wonder how many people would come forward, if they came across this question, as they may not have thought of nor contemplated this issue if not for reading this post in addition to the multiple posts confirming this as an issue, would decide to make this known to as many Marylander’s as possible in order to inform and hopefully accomplish the possibility of correcting. We can either sit back, complain about the issue at hand and not even attempt to correct what is known to be yet another disappointment in the state’s law making abilities OR we can at the very least attempt to get enough support that the state would have no other choice but to review and examine this very vague law and conclude that a revision is imperative to ensure that law enforcement is not able to abuse and use to their advantage, the regulations as described within the law for illegal use of a historic vehicle. I am finding it unfathomable that this is being accepted and allowed by the residents of our state and certainly current elected officials who are concerned with their re-election, I guarantee if enough people bring attention to this issue at least one official, wanting to secure their spot in office for another term, would fight for the resolve of this laws vaguely written regulations. Just give what I’ve said some thought as I’m sure most of you will determine that this is worth, at the very least, informing the residents of this state about the issue at hand and see what the end results may be. We will never know if we do not try!

    • Reply

      Well Sam … here is the bottom line.
      Government maintains power and authority, because “it” is organized. It interacts within the organized fabric of all other government offices, nearly effortlessly, and at your expense. It does not need to convert time and energy into money, like you do. It simply collects its revenue, spends it as it sees fit, and borrows against your future earnings, whenever it fails to balance its budget.
      Whereas … citizens are NOT organized, and spend better than 50% of their earnings avoiding the threat of incarceration, by paying taxes.
      Yes, a few of them will express their dissatisfaction with “the system” via their keyboard on a virtually meaningless web forum … but most could not begin to write a letter to their their elected official, let alone, encourage organize, and deliver tens of thousands of similar letters.
      We lack unity, and organization, period.
      For this reason, government simply “slaps” the few solitary individuals, who dare to oppose government oppression; thus making a most effective example to all others, of what happens when one does.
      Sadly, I feel that the ability for society to reclaim its liberties from oppressive government, is well past the point of no return.
      And, as long as government continues to remove freedoms slowly, and incrementally … the incentive for citizens to gather together in unity, and to topple the system of oppression, will never reach the emotional level needed, for the “kettle to boil”.
      And, who could deny … that government is keenly aware of the balance it maintains?

  40. Reply

    I am getting a 2000 Mustang registered historic in about 3 weeks when it is eligible. Have had car for 8 months waiting. Then gonna drive it to California, and live there flouting their registration and emissions laws too with a MD historic tag… not for work, school or commercial use… lol

  41. Reply

    I think the historic tag law is a great law. I did my ten years as a cop in Md. I have a 1996 Ford F-250 that I am getting ready to put historic tags on it and drive it. Maybe more than what the law allows but who really cares. After going to work for the feds I still keep in touch with all the guys I worked with on the department. When your a cop your really worried about staying alive and go home to your family. Going to armed robberies, homicides, violent domestics. The last thing I cared about was historical tags. As long as it is legally registered and insured. There may be a few anal state troppers in Md that may want to enforce it but it is like righting a ticket for driving across private property to avoid a traffic light and your going through a gas station parking lot . who is to say you were not getting gas and you changed your mind. I lost one of those in court. Being a cop is a rough job and you pick your battles.

  42. Reply

    I was thinking the same, is it for sale? Parents used to have one, bad-ass car😁

  43. Reply

    I wonder if the judges and the other elitists of society who make these asinine laws have “smog pumps ” and catalytic converters on their Cessnas, or their private planes, and then are told in 2016 where they are geographically now restricted to fly their planes once they are older than 20 years, etc.? Can you imagine if these same laws applied to the rich who pollute the environment on a much larger scale with their 15,000 square foot residences, and private jets for two who write these garbage laws for the rest of us puny people?

  44. Reply

    Wow there was a whole plethora on this. Some good points some dolly do gooders and even some decent cops.

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