Drag Strips in Maryland and Virginia

DMV drag strips

Drag Strips in Maryland and Virginia

Enjoy living life by the quarter mile? Get told to “take it to the track” often? Enjoy blazing through fuel in a way that only a SR71 could be jealous of? Like risking public humiliation at the expense of your underperforming engine? This list may be for you. It’s the list of the Maryland and Virginia drag strips as of 2016 (sorry Washington DC’ers – you don’t have any unless you consider 395 at rush hour reminiscent of a drag strip).

Maryland Drag Strips

Virginia Drag Strips

  • Address:
  • Phone: (703) 361-7223
  • Websitedominionraceway.com
  • Distance: 1/8 Mile
  • Address: 8018 Boydton Plank Road, North Dinwiddie, VA 23803
  • Phone: (804) 862-3174
  • Websitevmpdrag.com
  • Distance: 1/4 Mile
  • Division: Div. 1


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