Don’t Even Think About Parking Illegally, Sincerely, Fairfax County Police

Handicap Spot Parking

Don’t Even Think About Parking Illegally, Sincerely, Fairfax County Police

According to Fairfax County’s website, “Approximately 75,000 county residents have a disability, so it is critical that these parking spaces remain available to them.”

Which is why Fairfax County’s police force is asking residents to forgo parking in handicap spots even if it’s “just for a minute.” The article published on November 30th, 2016, warns violators that parking in the blue marked spots can result in a fine of $500.

  • You can park in a parking space for people with disabilities only if you have a placard or license plate issued by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Parking in an accessible parking space or in the striped access aisles next to the space, even for a couple of minutes, is illegal and can result in fines up to $500.
  • The striped aisles next to the accessible parking spaces enable older adults and people with disabilities who use canes, walkers, scooters or wheelchairs to safely get in and out of their vehicles.

So you don’t violate the handicap parking spots, but you know someone who does? Great – Fairfax County is looking for your help in reporting handicap violations – either from mis-parked cars or fake placards.

“Reporting violations enables police to target specific areas for enforcement. Police or parking enforcement officers also could issue a parking violation ticket on the spot. To report parking violations, call the local police non-emergency number in the jurisdiction in which the violation occurs. When calling, have a description of the vehicle (make, model and color), license plate number, location, date, and time.

  • Fairfax County: 703-691-2131; TTY 703-877-3715
  • City of Fairfax: 703-385-7960; TTY 703-359-2480
  • City of Falls Church: 703-241-5053
  • Herndon Police Department: 703-435-6846
  • Vienna Police Department: 703-255-6366

To report the use of expired placards or the suspected misuse or alteration of placards or plates

  • Call the Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles at 877-937-6372, TTY 711.”


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