There’s a Secret DMV You’ve Never Heard Of in Springfield, Virginia

DMV Springfield Virginia

There’s a Secret DMV You’ve Never Heard Of in Springfield, Virginia

If you’ve ever met someone who likes the DMV, you’ve probably accidentally met a sociopath a la serial murderer – no one likes the Department of Motor Vehicles and all the garbage that comes with it. Waiting to talk to the mean ladies who chuck you a clip board, grabbing the ticket a la 60’s meat-market, waiting to the tune of the droning “Now Serving A-1,593,203 at window Number 3” voice endlessly calling out the same number because whomever it is fell asleep 2 hours ago, and the mean, mean desk clerk who probably hasn’t gotten laid in 4.5 (million) years – bring up bad memories? Of course. But before you sign up for counselling, we’ve got a secret to for you.

Secret DMV in Springfield Virginia

Springfield Virginia DMV

The DMV Select in Springfield, Virginia is a completely authorized DMV that handles anything dealing with titles, tags, renewals & trip permits (this DMV does not issue Drivers License & ID’s however). While the location looks reminiscent of a hole-in-the-wall, there’s no wait time, no ticket numbers, no clipboards, and the folks workin’ the desks are some of the nicest people on the planet. You’ll know if you’re in the right spot if you feel like you’re about to get murdered walking through the door.

Here’s the details:

  • Address: 8210 Cinder Bed Rd, Lorton, VA 22079
  • Phone: (804) 497-7100
  • Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00AM – 5:00PM

Here’s the Google maps shot of the location if you’re still in the 20th century and don’t have a working smart phone:

DMV Select_Google Maps

Now – here’s a few quick tips about this secret spot of DMV glory:

  1. It’s select, so they DO NOT do license stuff. No renewals, photos, or anything. DO NOT go there to get your license worked on. They do Titling, Registration, etc.
  2. There is designated parking spots (see shot above). It’s a little overwhelming for the fact that 10 business share a tiny lot and they’re all threatening to tow if you violate, but be patient. There’s only a few “free spaces” (bingo, anyone?) and there’s a few DMV Select spaces but people are constantly in and out.
  3. It’s like 1000 degrees in there and it feels like a back ally transaction, but worth it. Plus, who doesn’t mind sweating out a few pounds in 10 minutes?

Go forth – register your vehicles with ease. Reprint your title without hesitation. Go to the DMV without dying a little on the inside.


  1. Reply

    This DMV,Select has moved to a new Location :

    6506 Loisdale Road
    VA 22150

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