Chesapeake Concours Cancelled – Elk Winery Closed

Chesapeake Concours Cancelled – Elk Winery Closed

The ever-growing popular Chesapeake Concours scheduled for August 27th – 28th this year has been canceled – the event page on Facebook leads to a now-defunct 404 page. With a statement made in Hunt Valley Horsepower’s private Facebook group by HVHP founder Rich,

“Yesterday afternoon, I learned that Chesapeake Concours has been cancelled. I was informed that there has been an injunction against events such as Chesapeake Concours, weddings, etc. at The Winery at Elk Manor since incoming vehicles limit access to an adjacent property.

This development is not only bad news for the event and everyone involved in the creative, administrative and volunteer processes over the years but it also impacts future wedded couples, their family and friends. It impacts all of the hard working people at the winery.

I want to thank the good people on the Chesapeake Concours team for the opportunity to work with them.

[Update: This post isn’t about the legal matters that surround the winery. This is an automotive community. There was an event cancellation due to a site closure. It’s not TMZ where conjecture and legal data mining may have a place. Save the bs for other forums. Thank you.]”

While this is a bummer for the car community, it seems like the venue as it served for weddings is in more hot water. An email sent out from the winery to would-be brides reads:

“We regret to inform you that the Winery at Elk Manor’s ability to continue operations has been adversely impacted due to circumstances beyond our control. We will not be able to hold weddings or other events beyond August 9, 2016. However, we will make the property available for fully paid weddings for an additional fee.” That fee is $1,000 on top of weddings that were already paid in full.

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The event touted as the only local concours was described in its event invite as a blend of concours and cars and coffee. From the original invite (now deleted)

“Join us for the Chesapeake Concours on Saturday, August 27 and Sunday, August 28 at The Winery at Elk Manor. Share your automotive passions with owners and enthusiasts from throughout our region. Saturday will feature a blend of concours and Cars & Coffee-heritage gathering areas while Sunday will have the Cars & Coffee focus. While there will not be judging in the concours field, the antique and classic entry standards will be shared here. Judging will be introduced for 2017.

Enjoy live music, great food and breathtaking views of the Chesapeake Bay! Spectators are welcome. Bands, food vendors, event sponsors and specific event segment times will be listed as they’re confirmed.

Admission for all persons 16 and older… Saturday or Sunday: $20 Both Days: $30, Kids 15 and under are free.

Registration will be shared when the platform is confirmed. All admission proceeds go to support the Chesapeake Renaissance Project.”

** has removed the event page from the calendar. **


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