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Pay to Park in Reston

Paid Parking at Reston Town Center Postponed – Until January

The people have spoken - sort of. After the big fiasco of Reston Town Center going Pay-to-Park September 12th, and then the bigger push to sign a petition to cancel the money-gauging would-be fee, Boston Properties has listened to the people and postponed the paid parking of Reston Town Center until January 2017. That said, [...]

Katie’s Cars and Coffee Cracks Down on Handicap Violators. What?

We're having to tell people who aren't handicapped to not park in handicap spots? What is this, Sparta - except the Spartans are jerk on four wheels? Apparently - yes. At the ever famous Katie's Cars and Coffee where Cars and Coffee faithful, Mike Copperthite of the 100 year old CoCo Pie Company, spotted handicap [...]
stop tax evasion in fairfax county

Fairfax County is Recruiting Outta State Tag Tattle Tellers

Snitches get stitches – well, not in Fairfax County that is. Along with the county’s movement to get out-of-state tax evaders – those who register their vehicles out of state while actually residing in Fairfax County – the county is getting the people to do the dirty work. Called the “Target Program,” Fairfax has enabled […]

Revving is now a Class 1 Misdemeanor in Loudoun County

Hear that? It’s the sound of your insurance going up. If you enjoy revving, doing burnouts or driving without a muffler, Loudoun County’s judicial system will be your biggest fan come September 1, 2016. The new law promotes adhering to county noise ordinances by punishing motorist and motorcyclists who engage in loud automotive related noise making. From […]

Free Parking in Reston Town Center is a Thing of the Past Starting Sept 12th 2016

Free parking in Reston? It’ll be a story you can tell your grand kids sitting around the fire reminiscing of the good ole days starting September 12th, 2016. The once free town center that boasts of endless restaurants like Jackson’s, World of Beer, and Uncle Julio’s has succumb to the ever increasing price gouging tactics […]

How to Get Out of Any Speeding Ticket (According to a Reddit Engineer)

Got a speeding ticket and have no way out of it? Reddit user /u/rex8499 is a road engineer and has a possible solution for you: “Speed limits – many of them are arbitarily set without an engineered speed study, and are un-enforceable as a result. This is very state specific. If you get a ticket, […]