Law Enforcement

Do Workzone Speed Cameras Issue Tickets When no one is Working?

Driving through Maryland yesterday, I noticed some pretty intense work zones. You know, the ones with no less than a dozen traffic signs alerting drivers of an upcoming work zone policed by speed tracking cameras. These were no ordinary work zones - they were the Arnold Schwarzenegger of work zones. Consisting of 100 large cones [...]

Virginia Bill will Fine Slow Drivers in the Left Lane $250

The unwritten rule of the road "keep out of the left lane if you're driving slow" is on its way to becoming a written rule - at least in Virginia. And that rule enforced will cost slow left-lane drivers a fine of $250 dollars and many shame points (shame points are not yet recognized by [...]

Trump McLaren 650S Burned Down in Arson Vandalism

There’s an old rule most people like to abide by – “If it ain’t yours, don’t touch it.” But Trump Train McLaren 650S owners Robert A Dicocco & Albert J. Dicocco have learned not everyone lives by the same mantra.

#SquadGoals – Fairfax County Unveils DWI Enforcement Squad

Fairfax County Police aren't playing around when it comes to driving under the influence. In a post made to their Facebook Page, FFX County police unveiled a dedicated DWI enforcement squad. In the post shared on November 30th, 2016, the police wrote: Introducing Our New DWI Enforcement Squad Starting December 1, we will introduce a [...]
Do Aircraft enforce speed limits

Speed Limit NOT Enforced by Aircraft

Not surprisingly, Maryland and Virginia law enforcement have grounded their aircraft fleet responsible for tracking speeding commuters – for the time being at least. According to local law enforcement, the last time aircraft were even used was 5 years ago in Maryland – and that was to monitor aggressive driving, not speeding. “The last time they were […]

Handicap Spot Parking

Don’t Even Think About Parking Illegally, Sincerely, Fairfax County Police

According to Fairfax County’s website, “Approximately 75,000 county residents have a disability, so it is critical that these parking spaces remain available to them.” Which is why Fairfax County’s police force is asking residents to forgo parking in handicap spots even if it’s “just for a minute.” The article published on November 30th, 2016, warns […]

Local NSX Owner Kills Ex-Girlfriend in Gainesville

Click Here to Donate to Linh Pham's GoFundMe In the wild and wonderful car world, you often rub shoulders with fellow enthusiasts bonding over a V8 - but beyond cars, we rarely truly get to know these people's private lives. Such is the case with Bryan Christopher Yu - a local NSX owner who frequented many [...]