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Car Collector Found Murdered Loudoun

Local Leesburg Car Collector “Millionaire” Found Murdered in PG County

Everyone’s favorite question for an exotic car collector is, “Hey – do you mind telling me what you do for a living?” Well – now we know. Even if you didn’t know him, you probably knew of him – who? The infamous Murcielago driving car collector who owned a series of local steak houses funded by a different series […]

McLaren P1 Accident – DMV P1 Meet Body Shop, Body Shop meet McLaren P1.

If you don’t live under a rock (paging Patrick Star), you’ve probably heard rumors of the infamous highlighter orange(ish) million dollar McLaren P1 Accident. The car, local to the DMV, is getting up close and personal with a trip to the body shop this weekend. The P1 that was the star attraction at last month’s DC Exotics meet at […]

Ryan Motts Lamborghini Wish

Ryan Motts Lamborghini Wish

All kids wish for things for Christmas – but this year, one wish was rather specifically touching- Ryan Motts Lamborghini Wish. With all the extra pounds we’ve gained gracing cars and coffee this year, it was nice to finally see it put to good use playing Santa by granting one Fredericksburg second grader his Christmas wish […]

Reston Man Plows Car Into Ferrari Showroom in Robbery

Via “A Reston teen was arrested in Sterling Tuesday after he drove a car through the glass door of the Ferrari of Washington Dealership at 45000 Towlern Place. Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office charged Douglas Rios, 19, of Reston, with two counts of burglary, two counts of grand larceny, and destruction of property, Ashburn Rising first reported. A sheriff’s […]