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Bad Business: Priority Nissan Chantilly takes Customer’s 370Z on Joy Ride

As if we needed another dealership stealing the limelight when it comes to piss-poor customer service, but yet here we are. Posted to the popular local car group, DMV Auto Club, Rami Skooti of McLean, Virginia, posted a scathing report about the service his 370Z received at Priority Nissan of Chantilly. Skooti wrights to the […]

Ferrari Tax on Montana Tax Evaders

Montana’s Passing a “Ferrari Tax” on Tax-Evading “Montanans”

The DMV's "out-of-towner" exotics sporting Montana plates at local Cars and Coffees may be better off paying taxes, titles, and tags here rather than America's mountain state of Montana. Covered by the Bozeman Daily Chronical, last week on April 12th, 2017 "the Senate Finance and Claims Committee unanimously voted to levy a new 1 percent [...]

I66 Express Lanes will Allow Trucks

Finally, the vehicles that would most benefit commuters by having access to the Express Lanes now have access to the Express Lanes - well, the I66 Express Lanes. Outbidding the Australian company TransUrban, the selected private construction, financing and operation consortium, Express Mobility Partners, comprised of Ferrovial, a subsidiary called Cintra, Meridam and Allan Myers VA, won [...]

Don’t Like Pay-2-Park at Reston Town Center? Neither Does Anyone Else.

Join the Facebook Event Park Free RTC (Protest) It's been a total of 37 days since Reston Town Center's Boston Properties forced the once popular town center into paid-for-parking with, according to Gaurang Shah and Maria Lam, some of the highest paid parking rates in Northern Virginia. The launch date of January 3rd, 2017, brought new [...]
Best Car Gifts for Car Guys

Need to Blow $26,000? The Ultimate Car Guy Christmas Gift.

Whoever said car guys / gals are hard to shop for never had to fill up the tank twice in one day, but if you're still struggling to locate the perfect gift for your Lamborghini-loving Millionaire hubby, we think we can help. You'll just need to skip buying a Prius and get this instead. Priced at $26,000 [...]

Local NSX Owner Kills Ex-Girlfriend in Gainesville

Click Here to Donate to Linh Pham's GoFundMe In the wild and wonderful car world, you often rub shoulders with fellow enthusiasts bonding over a V8 - but beyond cars, we rarely truly get to know these people's private lives. Such is the case with Bryan Christopher Yu - a local NSX owner who frequented many [...]

Woman Flips a Mercedes on a Test Drive – Without Leaving the Lot

It's been a bad month for Mercedes and car accidents in our are with the epic destruction of a rare Ferrari 458 Speciale being turned into a ramp by a Benz driver who mistaken confused the brake with the gas (?) at Katie's Cars and Coffee, but it seems like the Mercedes aren't done with [...]