Woman Flips a Mercedes on a Test Drive – Without Leaving the Lot

It's been a bad month for Mercedes and car accidents in our are with the epic destruction of a rare Ferrari 458 Speciale being turned into a ramp by a Benz driver who mistaken confused the brake with the gas (?) at Katie's Cars and Coffee, but it seems like the Mercedes aren't done with [...]

Honda S2000 Crashes / Kills Owner in Great Falls – 08/06/16

It goes without saying that cars are 2 tons of rolling steal powered to go in speed excess of what the human body is capable of handling, which was the unfortunate case for a driver this morning on the way to a local car meet. Around 7:30AM on August 6th, 2016,¬†Henry H. Sterne behind the […]

Vette Hits Moped in Leaving Pasadena Car Meet – 4/19/16

Speculation regarding a Chevy Vette driven by a well-known local car owner hitting a slow-speed moped leaving the Pasadena Meet are surfacing. From the GoFundMe Page set up yesterday by Chris Szuba¬†to support the injured man… “So tonight (4/19/16) a driver of a Corvette hit an inoccent by standard on a scooter while he was […]