Mosler MT900S

Mosler MT900S 1 of 1 Attends Katie’s Cars and Coffee

What does a Mosler MT900S and Katie’s Cars and Coffee have in common? It’s no surprise that the most treasured DMV Cars and Coffee pulls in some rare breeds, but this past frosty Saturday (12/06/15) was certainly no exception. With rumors of a blood red Mosler floating around the DMV AutoClub Facebook group, it was hard […]

How to Get Out of Any Speeding Ticket (According to a Reddit Engineer)

Got a speeding ticket and have no way out of it? Reddit user /u/rex8499 is a road engineer and has a possible solution for you: “Speed limits – many of them are arbitarily set without an engineered speed study, and are un-enforceable as a result. This is very state specific. If you get a ticket, […]

Kohls Fair Lakes Cars and Coffee

Kohls Fair Lakes Cars and Coffee Shut Down

Oh our dear Kohls Fair Lakes Cars and Coffee… how we miss you so. All those burnouts, revs, and hard pulls finally paid off – but not in uber made-up brownie points or “member enhancement” as many of the offending car owners apparently thought, but rather from a harsh call from Property Management saying “DO NOT COME […]

Reston Man Plows Car Into Ferrari Showroom in Robbery

Via “A Reston teen was arrested in Sterling Tuesday after he drove a car through the glass door of the Ferrari of Washington Dealership at 45000 Towlern Place. Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office charged Douglas Rios, 19, of Reston, with two counts of burglary, two counts of grand larceny, and destruction of property, Ashburn Rising first reported. A sheriff’s […]

Car Groups on Facebook

Top 5 Best Local Car Facebook Groups

Facebook (hate it or love it) is one of the best places to get the most “up-to-date” gossip on what’s going on with car + the DMV + cops + accidents + spotters + everything else. We’ve come up with a list of our five favorite groups that are DMV specific. 1. DMV Auto Club […]