stop tax evasion in fairfax county

Fairfax County is Recruiting Outta State Tag Tattle Tellers

Snitches get stitches – well, not in Fairfax County that is. Along with the county’s movement to get out-of-state tax evaders – those who register their vehicles out of state while actually residing in Fairfax County – the county is getting the people to do the dirty work. Called the “Target Program,” Fairfax has enabled […]

Reston Town Center Petition

Sign This Petition to Stop Paid Parking in Reston Town Center

Sign the petition to keep Reston Parking-Fee-Free Here. Well, since the last update on Reston's plans to go pay-to-park in September, the people have gotten fed up enough to start an online petition to convince Boston Properties that forcing town center goers to pay for parking is bad for business. Mentioned before, Boston Properties sees [...]

10 Bucks to Get Home on 66 starting 2017

As commuting budgets become an ever-growing part of driver expenditures in our area, Route 66 in Virginia has also succumb to that allure of cold, hard cash under the guise of lightening up the monstrous traffic that plagues the road during rush hours and seemingly for no apparent reason on the weekends. Starting at the […]

Revving is now a Class 1 Misdemeanor in Loudoun County

Hear that? It’s the sound of your insurance going up. If you enjoy revving, doing burnouts or driving without a muffler, Loudoun County’s judicial system will be your biggest fan come September 1, 2016. The new law promotes adhering to county noise ordinances by punishing motorist and motorcyclists who engage in loud automotive related noise making. From […]

Chesapeake Concours Cancelled – Elk Winery Closed

The ever-growing popular Chesapeake Concours scheduled for August 27th – 28th this year has been canceled – the event page on Facebook leads to a now-defunct 404 page. With a statement made in Hunt Valley Horsepower’s private Facebook group by HVHP founder Rich, “Yesterday afternoon, I learned that Chesapeake Concours has been cancelled. I was […]

Free Parking in Reston Town Center is a Thing of the Past Starting Sept 12th 2016

Free parking in Reston? It’ll be a story you can tell your grand kids sitting around the fire reminiscing of the good ole days starting September 12th, 2016. The once free town center that boasts of endless restaurants like Jackson’s, World of Beer, and Uncle Julio’s has succumb to the ever increasing price gouging tactics […]

Honda S2000 Crashes / Kills Owner in Great Falls – 08/06/16

It goes without saying that cars are 2 tons of rolling steal powered to go in speed excess of what the human body is capable of handling, which was the unfortunate case for a driver this morning on the way to a local car meet. Around 7:30AM on August 6th, 2016, Henry H. Sterne behind the […]

Goldrush Rally + Corsa America Rally = The Best DMV Traffic Ever

If you've been craving some automotive eye candy, consider this your binge. Next week, the lowly Washington DC area will be pounded with traffic - no, no - this time it's the good kind. With Goldrush Rally 8 and Corsa Rally converging on the DMV within a day of each other, there will definitely be [...]
DMV Springfield Virginia

There’s a Secret DMV You’ve Never Heard Of in Springfield, Virginia

If you’ve ever met someone who likes the DMV, you’ve probably accidentally met a sociopath a la serial murderer – no one likes the Department of Motor Vehicles and all the garbage that comes with it. Waiting to talk to the mean ladies who chuck you a clip board, grabbing the ticket a la 60’s meat-market, […]