What do You Do When a Non-Working Traffic Light is Flashing Red?

Perhaps it's because Driver's Ed class is about 2 decades past for most of us, but in the crowded intersections that plague the DMV, this question seems to evade most drivers creating a never-ending cycle of havoc for cross-traffic. So do you know what to do you at an intersection where a non-functioning traffic light [...]

5 Places You’ve Probably Been Spotted on Facebook Driving in the DMV

Maybe you see people whip out their phones and snap a pic of your ride, or maybe you're the person whipping out their phone - either way, you gotta wonder where those pixels that comprise your glorious 4-wheeled (or 3-wheeled, or 2 wheeled) ride end up. Well, if you've been spotted in the DMV (DC, [...]

Bad Business: Repair Guy puts 100 Miles on a Gallardo for a Battery Change?

It the world of businesses quickly changing their LLC's to remove all your piss poor Yelp reviews associated with their business entity, there's little one can do when screwed over other than to take to the internets to gain some form of retribution - even if they'll never see their money again. Such is the case [...]
Historic Tags face New Laws in Maryland

Effective Oct 1, 2016 – Maryland Historic Plates Get New Rules

Historic vehicle owners across the state of Maryland are receiving notice of the new Historic Motor Vehicles law that was passed last year. The notice mailed to vehicle owners that fall within the law’s changes reads: “Dear Historic Vehicle Owner. Effective October 1, 2016, Maryland law regarding Historic Motor Vehicles will change. The changes impact […]

We Found Out What the Trump Train Is – it’s a McLaren 650S

Your mom said to never bring up religion or politics, but your mom isn’t Rob Anthony’s mom apparently. The gentleman has taken a sleek McLaren 650S and wrapped it with the Toupee King’s colors of red, white, and blue and a banner reading “Trump Train” across the windshield. Each door reads “TRUMP” in all caps […]

Woodbridge BonChon Weekly Meet is Shut Down Spectacularly – Sept 4th, 2016

Well, another meet meets its timely demise - this time, Woodbridge's disorganized weekly BonChon meet located at Potomac Festival, 14563 Potomac Mills Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22192. The meet has no page that keeps it organized but was usually promoted through screenshot photos with a time and date originating from a Facebook profile called "Woodbridge Meets" whose [...]
Pay to Park in Reston

Paid Parking at Reston Town Center Postponed – Until January

The people have spoken - sort of. After the big fiasco of Reston Town Center going Pay-to-Park September 12th, and then the bigger push to sign a petition to cancel the money-gauging would-be fee, Boston Properties has listened to the people and postponed the paid parking of Reston Town Center until January 2017. That said, [...]

Katie’s Cars and Coffee Cracks Down on Handicap Violators. What?

We're having to tell people who aren't handicapped to not park in handicap spots? What is this, Sparta - except the Spartans are jerk on four wheels? Apparently - yes. At the ever famous Katie's Cars and Coffee where Cars and Coffee faithful, Mike Copperthite of the 100 year old CoCo Pie Company, spotted handicap [...]

Gas Monkey Garage sells its Ford GT to Ainsley of Nokesville, VIRGINIA

Yeah - you read that right, Virginia's traffic is getting worse, but it's also getting better looking. Gas Monkey Garage of Dallas, Texas has sold its 2005 black on black Ford GT to a local. It's easy to speculate how they sold it since the road beast was listed for sale at Barret Jackson on June 21st [...]

Woman Flips a Mercedes on a Test Drive – Without Leaving the Lot

It's been a bad month for Mercedes and car accidents in our are with the epic destruction of a rare Ferrari 458 Speciale being turned into a ramp by a Benz driver who mistaken confused the brake with the gas (?) at Katie's Cars and Coffee, but it seems like the Mercedes aren't done with [...]