Trump McLaren 650S Burned Down in Arson Vandalism

There’s an old rule most people like to abide by – “If it ain’t yours, don’t touch it.” But Trump Train McLaren 650S owners Robert A Dicocco & Albert J. Dicocco have learned not everyone lives by the same mantra.

Driven To Cure Now Eligible For Amazon Smiles Charity Donations

Among amazingly fast overnight shipping to Prime Members, Amazon has another feature that should put a smile across your face. Amazon Smiles is Amazon's charitable arm donating millions each year through purchases made by Amazon members - at no extra costs to those members. "AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support [...]
Best Car Gifts for Car Guys

Need to Blow $26,000? The Ultimate Car Guy Christmas Gift.

Whoever said car guys / gals are hard to shop for never had to fill up the tank twice in one day, but if you're still struggling to locate the perfect gift for your Lamborghini-loving Millionaire hubby, we think we can help. You'll just need to skip buying a Prius and get this instead. Priced at $26,000 [...]

#SquadGoals – Fairfax County Unveils DWI Enforcement Squad

Fairfax County Police aren't playing around when it comes to driving under the influence. In a post made to their Facebook Page, FFX County police unveiled a dedicated DWI enforcement squad. In the post shared on November 30th, 2016, the police wrote: Introducing Our New DWI Enforcement Squad Starting December 1, we will introduce a [...]
Do Aircraft enforce speed limits

Speed Limit NOT Enforced by Aircraft

Not surprisingly, Maryland and Virginia law enforcement have grounded their aircraft fleet responsible for tracking speeding commuters – for the time being at least. According to local law enforcement, the last time aircraft were even used was 5 years ago in Maryland – and that was to monitor aggressive driving, not speeding. “The last time they were […]

Handicap Spot Parking

Don’t Even Think About Parking Illegally, Sincerely, Fairfax County Police

According to Fairfax County’s website, “Approximately 75,000 county residents have a disability, so it is critical that these parking spaces remain available to them.” Which is why Fairfax County’s police force is asking residents to forgo parking in handicap spots even if it’s “just for a minute.” The article published on November 30th, 2016, warns […]

Local NSX Owner Kills Ex-Girlfriend in Gainesville

Click Here to Donate to Linh Pham's GoFundMe In the wild and wonderful car world, you often rub shoulders with fellow enthusiasts bonding over a V8 - but beyond cars, we rarely truly get to know these people's private lives. Such is the case with Bryan Christopher Yu - a local NSX owner who frequented many [...]

Woodbridge Guy Buys Wheels with Fake Money & Makes $80

Ranado Braswell of Northern Virginia has been accused of ripping off a local car owner who sold his wheels to Mr. Braswell earlier today (11/3/16). In what has to be the most unique rip-off scam ever, Ranado paid Alex Tran roughly $300 in fake "movie use only" money - and even managed to get $80 cash along with [...]