Bad Business: Priority Nissan Chantilly takes Customer’s 370Z on Joy Ride

As if we needed another dealership stealing the limelight when it comes to piss-poor customer service, but yet here we are. Posted to the popular local car group, DMV Auto Club, Rami Skooti of McLean, Virginia, posted a scathing report about the service his 370Z received at Priority Nissan of Chantilly. Skooti wrights to the […]

Express Lanes Refund

Stuck in Traffic on the Express Lanes? You can Get an Express Lanes Refund.

Living in the DC area means traffic, and traffic means money - especially if you're Transurban, the Australian company who owns and manages the 95 and 495 Express (See: Expense) Lanes. While the name never caught on, early adopters of the pay-to-play road systems circumventing DC traffic begrudgingly referred to the toll lanes as "Lexus Lanes" [...]
Ferrari Tax on Montana Tax Evaders

Montana’s Passing a “Ferrari Tax” on Tax-Evading “Montanans”

The DMV's "out-of-towner" exotics sporting Montana plates at local Cars and Coffees may be better off paying taxes, titles, and tags here rather than America's mountain state of Montana. Covered by the Bozeman Daily Chronical, last week on April 12th, 2017 "the Senate Finance and Claims Committee unanimously voted to levy a new 1 percent [...]

Do Workzone Speed Cameras Issue Tickets When no one is Working?

Driving through Maryland yesterday, I noticed some pretty intense work zones. You know, the ones with no less than a dozen traffic signs alerting drivers of an upcoming work zone policed by speed tracking cameras. These were no ordinary work zones - they were the Arnold Schwarzenegger of work zones. Consisting of 100 large cones [...]

I66 Express Lanes will Allow Trucks

Finally, the vehicles that would most benefit commuters by having access to the Express Lanes now have access to the Express Lanes - well, the I66 Express Lanes. Outbidding the Australian company TransUrban, the selected private construction, financing and operation consortium, Express Mobility Partners, comprised of Ferrovial, a subsidiary called Cintra, Meridam and Allan Myers VA, won [...]

Don’t Like Pay-2-Park at Reston Town Center? Neither Does Anyone Else.

Join the Facebook Event Park Free RTC (Protest) It's been a total of 37 days since Reston Town Center's Boston Properties forced the once popular town center into paid-for-parking with, according to Gaurang Shah and Maria Lam, some of the highest paid parking rates in Northern Virginia. The launch date of January 3rd, 2017, brought new [...]

Virginia Bill will Fine Slow Drivers in the Left Lane $250

The unwritten rule of the road "keep out of the left lane if you're driving slow" is on its way to becoming a written rule - at least in Virginia. And that rule enforced will cost slow left-lane drivers a fine of $250 dollars and many shame points (shame points are not yet recognized by [...]

Salt Brine – Finally, Something Saltier than Your Ex

Those cool little parallel lines spanning the highways and residential neighborhoods in DC, Maryland, and Virginia may create a mesmerizing effect while driving down 95 before a potential weather event this winter, but your car is a lot less entertained. Yearly, VDOT crews have been swapping out chunks of rock salt for the salty solution [...]