Bad Business: Vehicle Owner’s App Tells Her that Designo Motoring Inc. is Using Her Car to Run Errands

Performance Shop Sterling VA

Bad Business: Vehicle Owner’s App Tells Her that Designo Motoring Inc. is Using Her Car to Run Errands

In a slew of recent “bad businesses” plaguing our area, another seemingly high-end performance shop has entered stage left as yet another business who takes client cars out for personal enjoyment – or to hit up the groomers.

Designo Motoring Inc. of Sterling, Virginia has allegedly taken client Liz Hang’s car out for an errand run – which she only knew about when her mileage tracking app pinged her phone with details that her car which should have been sitting comfy after-hours in Designo’s garage was off making stops around Sterling.

Hey – when Fido needs his kibble, surely you wouldn’t just take your own car, not when you can get some free gas from a client’s car, right? While 6 miles on a car and a really odd looking squiggly line may not be too much cause for alarm, it’s the response from owner Abe Hamrah that has people upset. In a shared post that’s sweeping through angry DMV Facebook groups, Liz captioned this:

What would you do if you left your car to have work done & noticed it was taken out at 10:30pm? Albeit not far or for long but gas usage at 6.2mpg?? And what does the zoomed in 3rd photo look like with squiggly lines? Donuts?

This is a warning to friends who take their car to tuning shops: AVOID Designo Motoring in Sterling VA. When I confronted, the owner Abe admitted to using my car for personal errand but was very flippant about it, saying he has a right to drive any car when a client drops it off (my car was not in for tuning but clear film) and that he owns more expensive cars than mine. Talk about being treated with a lack of respect & professionalism.

You can see her original post here:

The post, shared now dozens of times by local GTR owner Harrison comes with this warning:

“BEWARE OF DESIGNO MOTORING in Sterling, VA. They took my friend’s wife’s Range Rover SVR out for errands when she took it in for clear film, not tuning or performance related. The owner’s response was “he has a right to drive any car when a client drops it off”. I am livid that a place like this would do this. AVOID this shop!”

Designo Motoring located at 45891 Woodland Rd, Sterling, VA 20166, while exclusive, has a pretty good reputation in our area. Their About Page says they’re a consulting company dedicated to manufacturing personalized vehicles – which is apparent when you look up their Facebook page. Designo’s team has been responsible for the ever-popular golden Lamborghini Aventador. Their Facebook page was last updated in August 2013.

You can seem the famed bull in this video shot by local Youtube, RealMCR12:

Designo has failed to respond to the request for their side of the story, but perhaps when the dog’s been groomed a fed, we can hear whether or not the reply was warranted, exaggerated, or perhaps what the squiggly lines mean.


Update: 9/28/16. Looks like Abe doesn’t care about the allegations all that much posting to his Instagram / Twitter the following:



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    Something like this happened to me with my 2012 Escalade, except the shop owner explained he was at the mosque praying. Needless to say, I did not have the state vehicle inspection completed at Mohammed’s Repair Shop. Crazy thing is, no place does a road test for the inspection and why was he gone for 45 – an hour to pray. Just saying…

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    Designo motoring is not one of the best, but is the BEST, Abe does not take cars for joy rides and does not use other customer cars. I have been with designo for over a year and i dont see anything wrong with them! So stop making fake stories and all of that just for attention!

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      I can tell you with 100% certainty this shop DOES I repeat DOES take clients cars for joy rides, errands and to the owners house. Will take advantage of clients that are not celebrities.

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    Cars dropped off at Designo Motoring are often seen doing burn outs and sliding sideways on ramps off of Route 7! Perhaps this is “a road test” to see if applied film will not fly off, or is it abuse unknown to the owner?

    Show some respect to the sub-exotic cars not owned by professional sport players!

  4. It’s really funny how this owner thinks he’s a baller with everyone’s cars I seen him bring several cars home and to caps game and he brags about it to friends and neighbors. He has no respect for his clits unless your the star of the Washington Caps or an overpaid Redskin. Plain and simple I was going to use this shop walked in and all the employees got nervous and the heavy sent of weed was in the air so I left not going to take a 200k plus car to a shop that smokes weed and joy rides my car. After looking at all the reviews here you can clearly tell Abe has his employees posting good reviews or even him doing it himself to make himself look good. Abe is not an honest person after having his shop looked into and the background of this owner is really shady if you have cars that are needing work find a more trustworthy shop this place is not it

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    My friend brought his AMG GT R to them to have a full clear wrap and couple emblems and grille painted. Took and while to get finished. When we got the car back, the wrap was not cut straight in several areas, bubbling, peeling and hairs stuck underneath the wrap. The emblems were painted very well, but when we looked at the grille there was a lot of paint over spray. Same color as the car since the star on the grille was paint same color. So we told Abe, and he immediately said he didnt over spray the grill and said it was the from the road. My friend told him the road and paint are not the same matte grey color. Then he said he would fix all the places in the clear wrap. So we gave him a second chance to fix the wrap. We brought the car back and told him we needed the car back in a week and a half (for Ocean City). No phone call from Abe the whole time so my friend went to his shop. His car was not moved where he left it covered in dust. My friend said screw it and took the car. Abe said he didn’t have the wrap to redo it and we rushed him. Very poor service in all aspects.

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