Bad Business: Priority Nissan Chantilly takes Customer’s 370Z on Joy Ride

Bad Business: Priority Nissan Chantilly takes Customer’s 370Z on Joy Ride

As if we needed another dealership stealing the limelight when it comes to piss-poor customer service, but yet here we are. Posted to the popular local car group, DMV Auto Club, Rami Skooti of McLean, Virginia, posted a scathing report about the service his 370Z received at Priority Nissan of Chantilly. Skooti wrights to the Facebook group…

“I found footage of the Priority Nissan dealership in Chantilly staff doing burnouts and messing up my baby (370z) via dash cam. The[y] messed up my clutch, tires, transmission, etc. after I had dropped it off to be “serviced” I also [have] footage of a really nice hooked up GTR that they were abusing.

After talking to the manager, he [threw] a small number at me to keep my mouth shut… then he said “I don’t know who did it, and we can no longer service you here” he also added, “you can post whatever you want on social media.”

You can read his full write-up below (because the group is set to private, we can’t link directly to the post):

Priority Nissan Chantilly is located at 14840 Stonecroft Center Ct, Chantilly, VA 20151 and has a surprising 3.9-star rating on Google, 2.5 stars on Yelp, and 3.6 stars on Facebook.

We’re awaiting the footage of the alleged burnouts, but as soon as we get it, we’ll post it here.


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    Take your Z to Hill’s Garage in Elkridge, MD. It’s a bit of a hike but well worth the drive. Frank is by far the most honest and knowledgeable mechanic I have ever dealt with and his shop is the only place I let lay a hand on my 370. Check them out, you’ll never go anywhere else again

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    Rami – you should contact Nissan corporate office for North America and escalate the issue. Demand that all repairs should be paid by the dealership (I think corporate can reimburse the dealership). You can also send a demand letter by certified mail to:
    First attempt: to Manager of the Nissan dealership. If no luck. Escalate to
    Second attempt: to Manager of the Parent company, Priority Automotive.

    Either way, threaten legal action for damages sustained/incurred to repair the damage.
    You can also file a police report for vandalism….

    Estimate how much it would cost to repair and then add 20% for punitive. Also you can use sociall media to your advantage.

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