All Pre-Meets, Drives, Meets for H2oi This Weekend

Ocean City H20i Car Meet

All Pre-Meets, Drives, Meets for H2oi This Weekend

H2oi – a yearly event geared towards gear heads that drive Vdubs and Audis but has since grown to quite a yearly vehicle destination is hosted in Ocean City starting October 1st through the 2nd. It’s usually a debacle of sorts with crazing stories hailing from antics attempted on the Coastal Highway.

If you’re wondering about that photo – it was taken by Jordan Chronister of a local Supra who crashed into the front porch of a condo in Ocean City at H2Oi back in 2011. No one was injured seriously despite what the photos look like. You can read up on forum posts here:

And this was H2oi last year:


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