Where The Heck Did You Come From?!

Welcome – you’ve found FindCarMeets.com – the first step to connecting you and your beloved whip with the rest of the DC, Maryland, and Virginia car community. From Cars & Coffees to drives and rallies, you’ll find something here that will make you feel apart of the growing family that is the DMV car scene.

Which is why FindCarMeets.com exists – out of a need to have 1 reliable source (that doesn’t force you to be on Facebook) where car owners – new and old – can find car meets in their area or outside their state. We do this for the community – and so we can post hilarious car memes on our Facebook page.

Here you’ll find the recurring weekly meets like the endless amount of growing Cars & Coffee groups to the pop-up weekly meets.

You’ll also be able to view specific day’s events – ordered by time so you can plan your day and your route (just don’t forget gas).

Have a meet you don’t see on our calendar? Help us help you by submitting the information yourself. We’ll approve it and WHOOP – there it is.

Lastly – if you are on that cursed website called Facebook, check us out – We’ll post our weekly updates, more info, etc etc – plus we’re cool.

So there you have it. FindCarMeets.com is your “bro” in the local DC, Maryland, Virginia car scene. We focus on this specific area, because we’re from here too and we’d like to help out fellow car lovers find new friends, new meets, and to spend more money on gas (kidding).

If you enjoy the resource, we’d love to ask you to give us a shout-out on your event page, or link back to us on your Facebook profile, or send this to a few friends over email. The more people that use this calendar as a resource, the more we’ll feel like investing our time and effort into it (and ya’ll).