Public Google Calendar – by

Heyo – here’s our Public Google Calendar that syncs up with your Google account so you have meets on your phone, desktop, and any other place you access Google Cal. We update this calendar at the beginning of every month.

To add this calendar to your Google Calendar:

  1. Scroll down on this page to the bottom right of the calendar or click this link and click the little button below (bottom right) that looks like this:  Google Calendar-FindCarMeets
  2. You’ve added this calendar to your Google Account. We’ll update it each month because we’re awesome (or we’d like to think so).


All these events are pulled from our monthly calendar here and added to Google on the first of each month – some meets added after the first can only be found on our monthly events calendar since they missed our import cutoff.

Are we missing something on both our G-Cal and our monthly calendar? You can submit it here and die knowing you made the car world a better place.