[Richmond] Saturday Night Meets

May 02 2016
The Scoop
Harrison Body Works
1800 Dabney Rd
Richmond, VA 23230 United States

[Weekly] Monday Meet in Fairfax

May 02 2016
The Scoop
Walmart Supercenter
11181 Lee Hwy
Fairfax, VA 22030 United States

[Bi-Weekly] DMV Horsepower Meet!

May 02 2016
The Scoop
Buffalo Wild Wings
11215 Mall Cir
Saint Charles, MD 20603 United States

[Weekly] Uproar Weekly Meet

May 03 2016
The Scoop
Kmart (Edgewater, MD)
3255 Solomons Island Rd
Edgewater, MD 21037 United States

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DMV Springfield Virginia

There’s a Secret DMV You’ve Never Heard Of in Springfield, Virginia

If you’ve ever met someone who likes the DMV, you’ve probably accidentally met a sociopath a la serial murderer – no one likes the Department of Motor Vehicles and all the garbage that comes with it. Waiting to talk to the mean ladies who chuck you a clip board, grabbing the ticket a la 60’s meat-market, […]

How to Negotiate with a Car Dealership

How to Negotiate with a Car Dealership for a Good Price on a New Car

Getting a new car = fun. The process of purchasing it? Not as fun. But when we find some good tips on beating the “slick car salesman” types, we feel obligated to pass them on – which is what we found on Reddit’s EveryManShouldKnow (or EMSK) subreddit – How to Negotiate with a Car Dealership. How to […]


Vette Hits Moped in Leaving Pasadena Car Meet – 4/19/16

Speculation regarding a Chevy Vette driven by a well-known local car owner hitting a slow-speed moped leaving the Pasadena Meet are surfacing. From the GoFundMe Page set up yesterday by Chris Szuba to support the injured man… “So tonight (4/19/16) a driver of a Corvette hit an inoccent by standard on a scooter while he was […]

Be a Car Bro - Share This

every time you don't share a car meet, a car bro hits a pothole and dents a wheel. share this... share this for the wheels.